• Ben Lewis-Smith

Very informative piano lesson with BachScholar Dr Cory Hall

Just the other day I rather tentatively booked my very first online piano lesson - my first actual piano lesson in around 10 years. I had some initial concerns: will the tech work? What if I disagree with the teacher? How can this online teaching possibly work? I have been CONVERTED!

Dr Cory's encouraging approach immediately puts you at ease. After a few initial questions, we discussed my work as a professional musician here in London and then soon started to play through some gems - Scriabin 24 Preludes, Opus 11. Having seen a performance on YouTube by Cory (if I may) I wanted to bring him a few Scriabin works - discussing interpretation and performance practice. I didn't know any Scriabin at all, but we played through three or four of the shorter preludes discussing: dynamics, rubato, tempo choices, projection of the melody and legato playing. While the image quality on Skype suffered somewhat, the audio was never affected. The appeal of learning in the convenience of your own home becomes immediately apparent and I would highly recommend this method!

As I start to develop my own online teaching studio I stand in awe of the hard work he has put in to build such a thriving studio, but also inspired and keen to share my own love of music with students all over the world. 

Thank you, Cory, for a great lesson! Please check out more info about Dr. Cory and Marilyn Hall here:


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