• Ben Lewis-Smith

Sing like nobody is listening......

......because they probably aren't. I wonder how long virtual choirs will be around for? I'd love to have a shot at a Virtual Reality choir - another project for the long list.

Anyway, I will be rocking out in the studio with three masterworks: I was glad (Parry), Domine Fili unigenite (Vivaldi) and THE Hallelujah Chorus (Handel) starting 5PM LONDON TIME on 17th July.

The sessions will all take place online using Zoom ( and we'll travel through three choral classics to herald the weekend! Each session will start with a good vocal warmup, and will continue into a rehearsal and work-through of each of the scores. The ​rehearsals will be relaxed and will all conclude with a performance accompanied by 'virtual' orchestra!

Watch my FAQ video below, or join my mini choral-clan by clicking here:

Useful article from Making Music here:

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