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Online music lessons - do they actually work?

Many clients are slightly dubious about booking in their piano lesson online - naturally, a lot of factors are uncertain. Who will my teacher be? Will we get on? Can I trust online payments etc etc. I decided to take action and try an online lesson of my own, with Bach Scholar aka Dr Cory Hall: read more about this lesson here. I have to say - the experience was enlightening. Both teacher and student have access to the whole keyboard, so nuance of phrasing and explanation about technique and voicing can be so much more easily and quickly explained. The lessons take place in the convenience of your own home with no travel time wasted journeying across town for lessons - all in all a very positive experience. As people start to travel the world again I am certain that many will adjust to flexible working arrangements and that tuition from home will continue to be popular.

There are a few things to consider when starting a music course from home. Ensure you have a good and stable internet connection - this is quite important in making online music lessons work. Plugging your laptop directly into the router by ethernet is the preferable option, or if you must use WiFi simply being close to the router can help. If you want to explore other tech options to upgrade your online music lesson experience then read my blog here.

Anyway - onwards and upwards - keep the virtual music rolling. Very best wishes to you all.

Benedict Lewis-Smith, London 15 May 2020

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