• Ben Lewis-Smith

My recommended piano book for those just starting out

I have really enjoyed using 'The Classical Piano Method - Book 1', written by Hans-Guenter, Heumann and published by Schott here: with my students. I highly recommend it!

It's available as a digital PDF, which can be very easily viewed and annotated using the forScore app The book can be adapted to work well with all ages and is laid out very clearly with interesting preamble in the first lesson talking about the science behind the piano. The pieces are well laid out, but I confess I usually condense the first few lessons (up to about Page 18) into one session to get students straight into the more interesting repertoire. The book has interesting composer background from the outset, and 'finger fitness' exercises combine quite seamlessly ensuring that good technique is established from the first few sessions. Theory checks occur from time to time to reinforce key terms.

All in all a highly recommended book, and I'm curious to know about the books in the series and whether any teachers have experience of using them.

Do drop me an email on with any recommendations for preferred piano tutors that you use.

All very best, Ben

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